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Our Origin Story

In June of 2019, Andrew Hedges grabbed a quick beer before that month’s PDX Junior Developer Meetup with PDX Code Guild graduate Scott Stine. The two were talking about the difficulties involved in making the leap from coding bootcamp to first job as a professional web developer when Andrew came up with the idea for The Collab Lab.

At the Meetup, Andrew recruited Caitlyn Greffly—who at the time was attempting to make the transition into her first developer job—to participate and it was clear the idea had merit.

Collab Lab kicked off our first cohort that August with Scott, Caitlyn, Stacie Taylor-Cima, and Kate Sowles participating as developers with Andrew mentoring the group through the 8-week project.

Since we launched, the response to Collab Lab has been overwhelmingly positive, further confirming the need for what we’re doing. We’ve collected a long backlog of early career developers who have expressed interest in participating and are working hard to scale up the program to accommodate demand.

Collab Lab gave me a framework for how to navigate relationships on a software development team. I feel more confident and prepared walking into my first dev job with the communication experience I gained through all of the code reviews, retrospectives, and pair programming sessions. So thankful for the program and the supportive mentors who make it happen! ~Mindy Zwanziger, Application Engineer Trainee at Sitka Technology Group

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Collab Lab mentors and participants taking part in one of our weekly check-in calls
Cohort 2 and mentors taking part in a weekly check-in call

The Collab Lab is volunteer-driven and free for participants. We intentionally and actively work to overcome barriers to opportunities for women and other under-represented minorities in tech.

We make use of free/freemium tools (i.e. Airtable, Firebase, GitHub, Google Docs, Netlify, Slack, and Zoom) as much as possible. We would love to have the ability to use upgraded versions of some of these tools to provide a better experience for our volunteers and participants. To this end, we accept sponsorships through GitHub. ❤️


Our participants enter The Collab Lab with a strong baseline of coding skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. They leave with experience in how software teams work.

To participate in a Collab Lab cohort means buying into a growth mindset, opening yourself to learning, and taking risks in a relatively low-stakes setting. Seasoned technologists guide these early career developers as they pair program, review each others’ code, and submit & merge pull requests. They are also coached on how to be effective on a fully distributed (remote) team by people who do it every day for a living.

Alums of The Collab Lab report being better equipped to talk about how they work on a team as well as the thought processes behind their work, helping them perform better in job interviews for technical roles. Hire them!

TCL 8 | June 2020 – July 2020

TCL 7 | May 2020 – June 2020

TCL Pilot | May 2020 – June 2020

Cohort 6 | April 2020 – May 2020

Cohort 5 | March 2020 – May 2020

Cohort 4 | January 2020 – March 2020

Cohort 3 | December 2019 – January 2020

Cohort 2 | November – December 2019

Cohort 1 | August – September 2019


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The Collab Lab is on Twitter @_collab_lab. Press inquiries may be directed via email to Andrew at