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Help fix tech

The Collab Lab is on a mission to fix tech, an industry rife with gatekeeping and inequity. Our developers reflect the diversity we want to see in tech, with an emphasis on supporting people from groups typically underrepresented on software teams. Joining us as a mentor is a way to give back and help early-career developers gain their footholds in tech.

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Cohort 7 and mentors taking part in a weekly check-in call
Cohort 7 and mentors taking part in a weekly check-in call

What it entails

The time expectation for mentors is the same as for our participants: 5 hours per week. We intentionally structure the program this way to reduce barriers to participation.

As a mentor, your job is to work with your fellow mentors (typically 3 mentors per cohort) to help our participants learn how to collaborate on a software team. In a typical week, this may involve the following activities:

As a mentor, I work to give Collab Lab cohorts the experience of building and deploying a production app on a high-performing, psychologically safe team using the same principles and practices that have helped me be successful as a professional engineering manager. Our participants learn firsthand how powerful and effective a healthy, functional team is. With this experience as a reference point, they leave empowered to advocate for themselves, their colleagues, and ready to transform organizations for the better. ~Adrienne Lowe


Our mentors are professional web developers and engineering leaders. We want you to be able to speak to your team from your experience in the trenches of software development. But that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute if you’re still early in your career! Successful Collab Lab mentors have ranged from 2 to 20+ years of experience in the industry.Our projects are based in the React JavaScript framework. Experience with React is helpful, but not a hard requirement. We’ve had mentors learn alongside their teams, and that can make for a really nice dynamic where you model how to improve your skills!


We kick off a new pair of a new cohort of teams every 9 weeks, so it’s always a good time to let us know you’re interested in helping out!

When you’re ready, tell us about you through our mentor application form.

Have questions?

Still not sure whether mentoring for The Collab Lab is a good fit for you? Please don’t hesitate to email Andrew at to get your questions answered.