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Gain practical experience by working remotely on real world projects with other early-career developers.

🎉 Celebrating Two Years of The Collab Lab! 🎉

Celebrating Two Years of Collaboration at The Collab Lab
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The Collab Lab is…

Collab Lab gave me agile team experience I didn’t get through my coding bootcamp. I honestly don’t think I would have landed that first job offer without being able to talk about my experience with pair programming and resolving merge conflicts. Beyond that, I made some great friends! ~Caitlyn Greffly, Software Engineer at The Motley Fool


Over time, we will build out a range of different projects. The first project on offer has the following characteristics:

Project type:
Client-side JavaScript application
Tech stack:
React for UI development, Firebase for both database and hosting,
Team size:
4 developers
Project duration:
40 hours per developer (5 hours/week over 8 weeks)

Join us!

Successful Collab Lab developers come in having already learned basic web development and programming concepts. We don’t teach coding; we teach collaboration! You don’t need a ton of experience, but you should have completed the equivalent of a coding bootcamp where you’ve learned (at a minimum) basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have completed a project or two in React.

Our next cohort will kick off on October 3, 2022. Applications will be open from September 12 – 18 and applicants will be notified of their status the following week.

🗓 Pro tip: Add the next application window to Apple Calendar or Outlook by downloading this iCal file. If you use Google Calendar, you can subscribe to our Cohort Dates calendar.

Our mentors are professional web developers and engineering leaders. Project or product management skills are helpful, though not strictly required. Mentors work in pairs to guide cohorts and we do our best to ensure complimentary skills among the mentors on the team.

Learn more about becoming a mentor for The Collab Lab.

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