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Volunteer at The Collab Lab!

The Collab Lab is run by an amazing bunch of volunteers that do different things to keep the lights on.

Project Team Mentors

These folks are professional engineers who spend 8 weeks leading teams of early-career engineers through building an app on a software development team, hosting 1-hour weekly synchronous meetings each weekend, holding office hours to assist developers, participating in code reviews, and presenting learning modules.

Commitment: ~5 hours/week for 10 weeks

Ready to do this? Tell us about you through our mentor application form!

Career Lab Volunteers

Each quarter, we run Career Lab, a 2-week extension on the core Collab Lab project where our Collabies get the opportunity to optimize their Linkedin and practice mock job fit and technical with folks who are interviewing engineers every day in their respective roles. These folks take time to coach our Collabies through the job hunt and interview process.

Commitment: ~5 hours per week for 2 weeks

Automation Heroes

Behind the scenes of The Collab Lab, our Automation Heroes build automations to help us be more efficient in doing the work to keep the lights on for our programs. They write scripts to automate team setup, ensure all the teams' projects are up to date, and maintain our website with GraphCMS, 11ty, and Netlify.

Community Managers

These folks keep our community engaged and growing! They organize and host our Tech Talk series, manage our social media, and keep our internal channels poppin' with fun and helpful events and conversations.

Code of Conduct Team

At the Collab Lab, we;re dedicated to creating and maintaining an inclusive and psychologically safe space for everyone in our community to learn and grow in. Our Code of Conduct responders are professionally trained and ensure everyone in our community is upholding the commitment to our Code of Conduct.

Still not sure whether volunteering for The Collab Lab is a good fit for you? Please don't hesitate to email Andrew at to get your questions answered.

Our volunteers

As a mentor, I work to give Collab Lab cohorts the experience of building and deploying a production app on a high-performing, psychologically safe team using the same principles and practices that have helped me be successful as a professional engineering manager. Our participants learn firsthand how powerful and effective a healthy, functional team is. With this experience as a reference point, they leave empowered to advocate for themselves, their colleagues, and ready to transform organizations for the better. ~ Adrienne Lowe, Collab Lab Mentor